ESPA Sludge Pump Submersible



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EZMakaan offers ESPA Sludge Pump Submersible (made in Spain) at the best price in Pakistan.

  • Sludge Pump SubmersibleESPA SPAINSubmersible electric pumps for draining sewage, wastewater, water from septic tanks, infiltration and rainwater and, generally, water with a solid load.They can be used in household and residential, industrial and agricultural environments and in general construction.They have been designed using highly abrasion-resistant materials, making them very compact and sturdy.1.00 HP:SLUDGE Pump DRAINEX 100 M A ESPA (7 Meter Head – 1.25\” Connection)1.50 HP:SLUDGE Pump DRAINEX 200/202 ESPA (11.5 Meter Head – 2\” Connection)(Thermally protected with Built-in Float Switch with flanged Elbow)

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