Buxly Weather Fighter Exterior Emulsion 4 Liters (Gallon size)



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EZMakaan offers Buxly Weather Fighter Exterior Emulsion at the best price in Pakistan.

Product Description

Buxly Weather Fighter is a finest product which guards and multiplies the life of exterior surfaces. It protects the exterior walls, plasters, asbestos, stone and brickwork, masonry work and safe guards it from all kinds of climate extremities. It is a premium product of Buxly and highly recommended for the longevity of infrastructures newly constructed.

Recommended Surface

Surface to be painted should be dry and free from grease, dust and dirt. Although new surfaces do not normally need a primer but where there is a possibility of effervescence, saltpeter or lime bloom, a coat of plastron is recommended. On previously painted surfaces, care should be taken to remove all adherent paint by scraping and then scrubbing/sandpapering. For powdery and chalking surfaces, a coat of Buxly Sealon Alkali Resisting Primer is recommended.

Application Methodology

Buxly Weather Fighter can be applied with brush, roller or spray. For the first coat, thin down with equal volume of water. In the subsequent coat, a little more water may be added.

Buxly Weather Fighter is available in 4 and 16 liters pack sizes.


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5 reviews for Buxly Weather Fighter Exterior Emulsion 4 Liters (Gallon size)

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