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EZMakaan offers Berger weather Pro at the best price in Pakistan.


Berger Weatherpro Acrylic Exterior Finish is a smooth, high quality exterior finish, especially formulated for the protection of all types of exterior plaster, asbestos, stone and brickwork.


Berger Weatherpro gives a highly durable exterior finish to all types of masonry work, including pebble-dash. It is resistant to all kinds of climates and weather conditions, thus the paint lasts for many years. Product has excellent weather & scrub resistance.

Surface Preparation

The surface normally should be dry and free from grease, dust and dirt. Although new surfaces do not normally need a primer, but where there is a possibility of effervescence, salt petre or lime bloom, a coat of Berger Plastron is recommended. On previously painted surfaces, care should be taken to remove all adherent paint by scraping and then scrubbing/sand papering. For powdery and chalky surfaces, a coat of Berger Plastron is recommended.

Application Procedure

Berger Weatherpro can be applied by brush, roller or spray. For the first coat, thin down with equal volume of water. In the subsequent coat a little more water may be added.

Drying Time

Berger Weatherpro dries in about 1 hour under normal conditions. Further coat may be applied after 2 to 3 hours (Depending on temperature and humidity).


Berger Weatherpro covers 12-14m2per litre per coat.


Berger Weatherpro is available in 1, 4 and 16 litres pack sizes.

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