Berger Synthetic Enamel Metallic (Quarter Size)



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EZMakaan offers Berger Synthetic Enamel Metallic at the best price in Pakistan.


Synthetic Enamel is a good quality enamel for interior and exterior use. It provides protection and decoration to the surface under all conditions. A high gloss, highly durable enamel with ease of application. It can be used on wood,metal, cement-plaster, asbestos and hardboard, etc.


It can be applied with brush, roller or spray. To obtain desired viscosity for brush application, thin up to 12% with turpentine and up to 20% for spray application.


12 to 16 meter square per litre per coat, depending on porosity of surface.


It is available in 0.91, 3.64 and 14.56 litres.

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